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Doing Business with Us

Foreign employers who wish to do business with or engage the services of Placewell International Services Corporation need to comply with laws of the Philippines and the standard rules and regulations of the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration, particularly the following:

1. Execution of a Special Power of Attorney

This is a document issued by a foreign employer authorizing Placewell International Services Corporation to recruit and deploy workers for and on behalf of the foreign employer. The authorization includes the signing, cancellation, renewal, and execution of all pertinent workers’ papers and documents, as well as legally representing the foreign employer in all Philippine government offices and agencies.

2. Registration of foreign principal

The registration is done by the Company at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) of the Department of Labor and Employment in the the country where the employer operates or where the worker is to be assigned. Prior to registration the foreign principal must complete the following documents:

a. Special Power of Attorney (See No. 1 above)

b. Master Employment Contract (POEA Standard Contract)

c. Manpower Request or Job Order

d. Foreign employer’s business license, registration certificate, or equivalent document

3. Issuance of manpower request or job order

The foreign principal issues the manpower request or job order, which is verified by the POLO. Verification involves the act of establishing the existence of the employing person, project, or company and its capability to hire foreign workers at acceptable rates and at desirable conditions, in conformity with the minimum standards prescribed by the Philippine government and taking into account the labor laws of the host country.

All of the above documents must be registered or stamped by the local chamber of commerce in the country of the foreign employer and authenticated by the Philippine Embassy.

After these documentary procedures are complied with, Placewell International Services Corporation shall begin to set the wheel of motion for the recruitment and hiring of the needed workers.

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