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Message from the Vice-President of Operations

We are a full service Philippine manpower company dedicated to meet the needs of local and global employers. We consistently provide highly-competent, professional, and skilled Filipino workers.

Our Philosophy…

… that our client’s needs comes first and that we deliver our client’s requirement on time and exact to their specific requirement, workers who are work-ready, highly-skilled, flexible, and competent.

… that people are individuals with dignity to be respected and their rights protected. Thus, our company exercise utmost regard for the workers it recruits and deploys, and we consider our clients as partners with whom it seeks to build long term-relationships. For our employees, we exercise diligent care and responsibility by rewarding them fairly for their labor.

… that with business profit goes the exercise of corporate social responsibility.

We value excellence and unparalleled expertise as we adhere to ethical and modern recruitment practices that meet international standards.

We aim to be the most-trusted and most-reliable manpower services company in the Philippines and in Asia.