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Medical & Health Care

We provide human resource for the Health Care and Medical Industries. This includes nurses, doctors, dentists, surgeons, pharmacists and any human resource that is required for the industry.


We provide skilled construction workers such as carpenters, engineers, electricians, welders, plumbers, project managers and all positions required by the industry.








Hotel and Resorts

The Hotel and Resorts is a growing industry in the Middle East and the need for pleasant hotel and resort staff is highly in demand. Filipinos are one of the most pleasant people on earth. We can provide waiters and waitresses, hotel receptionists, bell hops, chamber maids, cleaners, chefs and every human resource required for your industry. Aside from Hotels and Resorts we can also provide staff for Cruise Ships and Airlines











Oil and Gas

Filipinos have continued to work for Middle East’s main industry and are known for their hard working and no-nonsense attitude that earns them the respect of their foreign counterparts. This industry requires highly skilled and focus individuals because of the work related risks that it entails.

We have the experience in providing you with the best qualified manpower resource for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Engineering & Design

The Philippines has sent millions of highly skilled individuals through out the world and this did not happen by chance. Aside from Filipinos being fast learners, it is also because we have good schools with high standards. Our Engineering and Design graduates has qualified to work and are now successful in different parts of the world.

We can find you good  Engineers and Designers that can help propel your company to greater success.


In the Philippines we have many furniture companies and many skilled furniture workers. A lot of the local skilled furniture workers are more than eager to work abroad. We can deliver to you skilled workers that will match your requirements for your industry.

Finance and Administration

Filipinos are known for their natural English proficiency which allows them to comfortable communicate with their foreign colleagues. Language is an essential tool in getting a job done. We also boast to have the leading call center industry in the world which a big percentage provides office support. We have a lot of human resource available for office administration and finance such as clerks, accountants, book keepers, secretaries, manager, administrators, etc. We can deliver your manpower requirements for your business operational needs.


For our children to compete in a global economy, a high standard of education is a must. The Philippines is the world leader in providing human services. We have sent millions of workers around the world and we are the global leader in the call center industry. This did not happen by chance. This happened because of the country’s adaptation of English in the school curriculums + our natural values of hospitality and friendliness and our perseverance to hard work. Our educators/teachers are the same, proficient in English and are warmhearted individuals which allows them to connect better with their students. We can provide you with teachers for different courses that you are offering to your students.

Heavy Equipment

We provide manpower skilled in heavy equipment operations such as crane, loader, back hoe, trailer trucks, compactor, graders and other heavy equipment personnel that your company may require.


Placewell can also provide Household staff such as caregivers, nannies, personal nurse, maids, cooks and drivers.